and the home reno continues

Kitchen repaint almost done. This color is the most accurate of all the photos, but I dont think it’s perfect. Just painted two walls (well, I didn’t paint, but the official 939 handyman did) and the rest is stark white as opposed to the horrendous color I picked a few years ago, exhibited here…

Now those walls are perfectly white

and with the white cabinet doors back on, they really pop with the aqua in the background.

It’s still a mess right now (footprints on countertop mess) but by this weekend, it might just look like the kitchen of a crafty adult.


One thought on “and the home reno continues

  1. Beautiful. I need a suggestion on color from you. I think you have a terrific eye for color and I need some help. I’m redoing my dining room/kitchen combo…new Pergo flooring and new white dishwasher this weekend…first step. Next step will be new white countertops, white tile behind the stovetop, and changing Harvest Gold appliances to white. Final step — walls and cupboards. Painting walls a cheery yellow (I have to work around red dabbled z-brick). I’m thinking a blue/grey for the cupboards and a room divider. They are currently an ugly dark brown. Can you think of another color or two I might consider? Thanks! Kim

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