Warning- very critical post

I will preface this post by saying that I always hate the spring knitting magazines. Knitting, to me, is sitting by the fire on a snowy day…not knitting cotton t-shirts.

Here we go…

Could this be worse?

 This is all over the Spring Interweave as an advertisement and it’s not exactly making me want to run out and buy Cascade Luna. A t-shirt and a matching vest. Yikes.

And this bubble top pattern has decreases smack down the center and it reminds me of a scar after some major surgery.

Oh, Interweave Knits, I used to love you…

On a good note, check out Roko on Ravelry. She is amazing. Here is her blog (warning- it’s in japanese) http://rokoknit.blog93.fc2.com/


2 thoughts on “Warning- very critical post

  1. Yes, they are pathetic and sloppy and out of touch now. I ended my subscription. There’s no need for knitting magazines now that we have Ravelry and Twist Collective. Interweave seems to have no idea what to do with itself and how to keep up with these changes. Either that, or their shoddy, dorky patterns are their solution — appeal to people who don’t use the internet, so have no idea that there are much more exciting, well-designed patterns out there…

  2. Yes, absolutely, make the bust look smaller and the hips look wider. That’s a sure winner! And the first one looks like something my then-dorky little sister would have worn in about 1973. Not exactly a fashion era I want to revisit.

    See, I keep thinking I’m just too old and un-hip to “get” IK since Eunny took over. But, it sounds like it’s not me.

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