Goals this week for weight loss

  1. Fat free half n half only
  2. Measure portions (I have my scale and measuring cups on the counter ready for action)
  3. Take a walk during work day
  4. No elevators
  5. Track all food

Yesterday I experienced an “I think this is relatively healthy” moment while eating out at lunch and then upon checking the Panera website, I realized I had actually consumed almost all of my daily alotment of points in one sitting.

Panera classic cafe salad balsamic dressing= 4 points
Panera Tuna Salad= 20 points
Total points I can eat in one day= 29

I haven’t tracked for about two weeks because I’ve been focusing on being active. Clearly, I need to be active AND track food so that the scale goes down.

Positives to focus on: swimming feels great, I’m feeling stronger when I run, I can lose 14 pounds.


4 thoughts on “Goals this week for weight loss

  1. I’m always bummed at the “nutrition” info at Panera and have an ongoing correspondence with them about ways to improve their fruit/yogurt parfait. They seemed surprised by my suggestion to use fat-free yogurt and granola made without 4 different kinds of sugars – just told me to order it without the granola. At least it’s easy to find the info so it’s possible to make better choices

  2. I had a similar experience with avocado. One avocado is twelve points! Also, almost nothing at Olive Garden is within points. Maybe the salad, but it’s still a LOT of points. I have to use my weekly points for the soup, salad, and breadstick combo every time. It’s been great, though- 23 pounds since July. I’m 3 lbs from my 10% goal.

  3. Oi…this is distressing…and the new PointsPlus throws a wrench into all those “high fiber” energy bars and cereals and muffins that previously rated as 1 point (because of the fiber) but are now about 4 or 5!!! Which is probably what they should be…It keeps us honest though…the good thing about PointsPlus: fruits are okay! Bananas, apples, yay…

  4. I’m so glad fruits are free now. I’ve been eating fruits like a crazy person, and still losing. And when my bananas went brown, I used a WW recipe for banana bread that turned out really well, and a 1″ thick piece is 2 points! ❤ getting skinny and healthy!

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