The Soup Bowl

Today we will be attending the Soup Bowl Party at Lazy Daisy to continue the craftiness that started yesterday. Travis and I started our Valentine’s Day mugs and due to the anxiety behind hiding the designs, we revealed them to each other a week early. Enjoy the photos…

I decided to go for my difficult idea because my first idea (a blue spinning wheel with red roses that symbolized my hobby plus his love for the Grateful Dead) seemed like something that he didn’t want to walk into his office with on a coffee mug.

With some consultation with Ivy and Novella, here are the different phases of my project. I owe them a roll of masking tape.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Today I will fix some of the lines and fill in the letters and black squares. I hope he loves it.

And here is what the dear boy made me…

and you can kind of see a spinning wheel in this picture…

We were both VERY focused on this project for hours which resulted in an exhausted evening of watching the 13th Warrior and making chocolate chip cookies.

Looking forward to the Soup Bowl today and the Super Bowl! I think I’m making Mamma Adina’s spaghetti sauce for another Italian feast to celebrate the last day of football.


5 thoughts on “The Soup Bowl

  1. Love the mugs!
    It was nice bumping into you at JoAnn’s. I hope you don’t think I’m stalking you, I just enjoy reading your blog and seeing your fun craftiness. I don’t dare learn to spin, for fear I would abandon knitting and my stash is way too beyond SABLE for that to happen!

  2. The class was great – lots of fun and learned some new things. Now I am not afraid to cut my knitting – and can fix the too-loose cast-on of a cotton top I made a few years back.

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