I am a proud member of a Fiber Arts Guild. Clotho’s (based in Richmond) and named after one of the three fates in anxient Greek mythology, spun the thread of human life. Yes, that sounds quite creepy, but the actual guild is really fun and interesing. First, check out these images I found online.

The 3 Fates Pictures, Images and Photos


And this is an interesting blog post about spinning and the gods.

The actual guild looks nothing like these images, which in most cases, is a good thing.

Here we are…

Look at all those wheels!

And here are some gingerbread sheep that were quite delish.

This was about 1/100th of the food supply for the weekend. Let’s just say that if the apocalypse hit during a guild meeting, we would last a long while.

Here are some handmade knitting needles, dpns, crochet hooks, and darning needles by Gary, a loyal guild member and spinning wheel fixer extraordinaire.

It’s always nice to have a wood worker handy in a time of wheel crisis.

Here are three lovely ladies and on the left is Natalie who works at Colonial Williamsburg sewing costumes for the staff. Talking to her was fascinating. After also talking to Kristin about CW spinners, I must go back. (Note: once my brother slammed me in the head while having pretend rifle practice at CW. That is one of my many family history tour memories. No injuries were sustained, it juse proved how dorky we were).

Here is an intricate needlepointed/cross stitched nametag and that’s a good Swedish name! My grandmothers would be proud.

Here was my view all weekend…

Except when I was knitting on this…

These colors in roving…

make these colors on a bobbin…

This is silk and BFL from Portland Fiber Arts.

These three bobbins

Plied together

make this massive 631 yards on one bobbin. It’s also hand dyed. Amazing, Patricia. 

And I couldn’t go to Richmond without stopping by The Yarn Lounge to buy this

Madelinetosh Vintage

All in all, a very creative weekend with very knowledgeable people.


3 thoughts on “Guilding

  1. Love the tapestry where they’re STANDING ON A PERSON!!?!!

    You rock star, you — look at how finely you’re spinning! And you’re working straight from the bump without separating it and predrafting the crap out of it like I do. I’m super impressed and jealous and wish I could join you. I haven’t spun since May, I think. Perhaps today is the day to get back into it!

    I LOVE the nametag!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Kathy here-baker of Gingerbread sheep-(glad you enjoyed them). Loved your posting…and your pics…it was a great weekend wasn’t it? Happy spinning!
    Kathy Oliver
    PS…need to get on making my nametag-I’ve put it off how many years now?

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