Holiday Decor Update

In a fit of claustrophobia, the Lowe’s Christmas tree was put out to pasture. I got my money’s worth- it was on its last leg. The place is still covered in needles.

Here is where the ornaments went.

And here is my new nutcracker Gansey ornament from a very nice boy.

Here is the painted yarnmoire.

Bathroom reno progress:

This might be a better representation of the color. It’s Valspar Notre Dame.

And of course on Holidays there must be some sort of medical issue. My dearest baby Gansey jumped off of a picnic table (yes, this is what we do when we find picnic tables) at Towe yesterday and yelped. She hobbled for a few seconds crying, and what did I do? Sat down in on the freezing and wet ground to tend to her. My immediate thought was emergency vet and broken leg, but after a bit of investigation followed by a long walk/brisk jog around Towe, I decided nothing was broken and it’s either a sprain or something got into her paw pad. I have soaked it in soapy water a few times and this morning, there was a little bit of a plant that resembled a pine needle that was hard as a rock floating in the water. I’m hoping this was the culprit and she will feel better soon. Here is the pathetic sight this morning and THE paw.

I think Ganz is a bit pampered (shocker) so I think she’s just being wimpy like I am when there is the slightest bit of pain. I am of course prepared to do minor surgery tonight if she is still limping while my brothers hold her down. Did I also mention that she is covered in paint? See her tail there? That’s semi gloss.  

Happy Winter to all of you and I will hopefully be able to post tomorrow from the Carey Family Fold.


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