great birthday

dog park, home reno, and best of all, Miles

This shirt says MY AUNT ROCKS. And no, I did not get it for him! Thanks Miles! You rock, too.

The poor thing was hungry so was not thrilled to be away from his mamma. I feel so bad when he cries.

He looks six months old here and he is only one and half months old! My little linebacker.

We tried on his chucks and he was PISSED.

Sorry, dude. I hope you dont remember that one and need therapy. “My aunt made me wear chucks when I was clearly hungry…sobbb.” Miles gave me a few books and a cupcake that I will be devouring today, in full, most likely. One of the books is crocheted toys and Miles likes the crocheted walrus. It’s pretty darn cute.


(walrus and seal from another crafter)

The book even has a lobster in it. I think it’s hilarious.

My half bath is also on its way to being renovated. Thank you to my work friend, the construction guy, for putting up with my questions and Lowe’s panic.

It isn’t every day you spend $625 at Lowe’s.


3 thoughts on “great birthday

  1. Wow, that is an impressive haul at Lowe’s! An unusual birthday present, but so awesome that you are tackling these projects yourself. You DO rock!!! Happy Birthday.

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