wish list

Chair purchased yesterday that is massive and comfy and animal proof. Literally, it is made of polar fleece. Liffey and Dexter, you can sleep on this, but you can’t scratch at it.

I wrote to the actress Kaiulani Lee and told her how much I loved the PBS Midwife’s Tale. She wrote back saying Thanks and check out my new movie (photo above). She is also the mother of a girl I went to school with. I bet I met her when I was in middle school! Such a small world…

Oh lord, now that I am on the PBS website, I’m seeing a lot of things I like. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with Sherlock?

This is so cute, but I’d really be worried about looking too busty.


Tomorrow is my 31st birthday and I wish I had a new chair and a half bath partially remodeled. Housekeeping is a difficult thing.


2 thoughts on “wish list

  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    I like that sweater a lot. Esp in the second photo, with a little bit of ease, to me it looks curvy, not busty. It’s got a shape, not boxy, and I think the vertical lines of lace help create a longer line.

  2. I saw that version of Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery! for a few weeks in a row. We loved it! It’s so spot-on with how I imagine his personality. If I were you, I’d get it. I might get it even being me.

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