Idlewood: Part 1

Guess what part this is of this sweater?

(by Darsana on Ravelry- I think this is better than the photos on the actual pattern which are kind of goofy)

Well, it’s 34″ around and it will be 15″ tall by the time this portion is done. The body until the armholes? No, it’s the cowl. Good lord, it’s massive. The great thing is that I’m on size 11 needles (soon to be 10 1/2 when I get to the body) so I am hoping I can wear this to work in about a week. A girl can dream, and yes, I dream about wearing hand knitted items to work…


One thought on “Idlewood: Part 1

  1. oh my gosh I LOVE this!!!! its fabulous!! where did you get the pattern???!!!!
    and I so guessed that. I made a poncho with a cowl neck once haha, they’re impossibly huge, but sssooo fabulous! I love cowls.

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