Alicia Paulson is my idol

My new book

Things that make her so cool:

  • She and her really cute husband (who wears flannel and seems to be able to do things around the house) are adopting.
  • She had a bad accident in her late twenties when she was run over by a trash truck and almost lost her foot, but she survived because her family took care of her and she focused on her crafts while healing in bed.
  • She loves her dog and talks a lot about her dog who passed away.
  • Her photographs are amazing and her house is totally adorable.
  • She is incredibly organized and her craft room looks like a guest house.

Her new book is really beautiful. I think the longer an item takes to make for someone, the more love is put into it. Embroidery sounds very time consuming, but the result is a sweet perfect thing that you can put in a frame or on a pillow.

There is a cute crewell family tree in this book that I hope I can use someday.


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