Wedding singer/bride’s maid

At this point, I had already fallen once in my dress and heels. There was an “incident” in the vineyard during picture taking when I saw a snake heading towards me in the grass. In order to avoid it, I sacrificed my body and took a header into gravel. The dress survived, but one of the beautiful roses was decapitated. My knees weren’t bleeding either. Everyone helped me up and comforted me as I shook and cried for a few minutes due to my irrational yet DNA based snake fear. Three days later, I’m convinced it was a copper head.

Here’s a great picture with Michelle and Alex, the bride and groom.

Here I am singing with Bryce on guitar. No Stairway, it was Fire and Ice by Ben Harper. Bryce was a rockstar to stand in at the last minute and we had a great time with Kristin, my brother, and his wife. Oh, and who could possible forget THE BAND WAS AMAZING.

The lead singer even gave a little Rastafarian prayer to Miles.

Shoot, I wish I had asked them to sing some Lady Gaga! Oh wait, did they?


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