instead of garter yoke, should i do this?

I will of course wing it so that I dont have to buy this book, but maybe this will make the handspun look less…homely.


4 thoughts on “instead of garter yoke, should i do this?

  1. I like this one best. I’m not crazy about matching your yarn with aqua. I like rustic colors best. I don’t think you would wear aqua.

  2. I think this works better as a design. I considered the other at one point, too, but the top and bottom halves look like two different sweaters, almost! It’s frustrating to only have 4 ounces of handspun to work with!

  3. Agree. I like the handspun much better as an accent at the top, whether it’s garter or stranded. Otherwise the accent is around your middle. I mean, I don’t need anything accenting MY middle. I also agree that an earthy color will allow the handspun to pop more.

  4. The only thing I don’t like about the other one is that the yoke ends at what might be an awkward spot – depending on your body and undergarments…

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