handspun yoke sweater plans

Because I need to start knitting with my handspun and not just putting it in the yarn-moire (yarn+ armoire), I’ve decided to combine handspun with millspun to make a yoke sweater. Also, I think the handspun will look better with a solid color next to it pulling out the nice color specs.

I think it will look something like this from yarnhen, but a pullover and more fitted, and with a solid color for the neck band.


2 thoughts on “handspun yoke sweater plans

  1. Your handspun is beautiful! The solid color really pulls the color out of it and makes it pop.
    I have a similar project on the needles, except it’s not my handspun but it was custom spun for me. I’m using Iced from Knitty.com, with the handspun for the garter collar. I’m also going to make Sculpy buttons to match (found the idea in Jane Slicer-Smith’s book, Knit the Colors of Australia, autographed when Jane was at Needle Lady!)

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