Construction projects slated for Saturday

I don’t know if I would actually call this “construction,” but when there is a power tool involved, it’s pretty close to it.

In one of the microbursts that happened to go directly through my backyard, the fence got smashed. A nice man fixed the neighbor’s fence, but declined to fix mine. Interesting. So, reader(s), guess who is going to fix it on Saturday? Yours truly.

Also on the list for Saturday, the creation of a compost bin.

If we’re going to have an organic garden, we need compost. The only thing that scares me- worms and/or snakes that might/will get in there. Jodi, help.


2 thoughts on “Construction projects slated for Saturday

  1. You want those worms to break down the compost. But snakes?? I really doubt they’re going to be interested in your compost bin!

  2. Right now, we have a compost pile that is more of a ‘slop pile’, as my Mom calls it. It isn’t contained like yours. I want to get one of the 50 gal blue barrels and build a turnable compost bucket, but I like yours. My only question with yours is the ease of turning it?

    I love that path in your back yard – so lovely with the stone!

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