lots of updates

I’m sorry for the blog hiatus. I’ve been slammed at work and at home, things have been, well, eventful…

A few days after I got home from Maine, my neighbor called my cell phone at work saying there was water bubbling up in my yard. This was not a good thing. The plumber came out that day and told me, while we were sheltering from yet another storm, that on a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst, that this was a ten. He left me with a key to turn the water on and off, when needed, and then scheduled the major work.

When they dug up half the yard, they realized the break was under the driveway. Therefore, they had to dig up the brick pathway directly in front of my door. It had to be redone anyways.

The moral of the story is, I have water back, and this weekend I will learn how to lay down grass seed and lay brick pavers. I have been told sand is the key.

In backyard reno news, Jodi and ELM made a beautiful path. I provided beer, dinner, and Needle Lady gift certs.

Notice the smashed gate in the background. I will get that fixed asap.

In inside the house news, I cleared out the dining room so that it’s now a dining room, furnished with Nana’s antiques. It looks great, just needs a bright coat of paint. I am thinking of this…

In spinning news, here is 1172 yards of two ply worsted weight merino that I spun in Maine. It’s currently drying by the fireplace (in colonial fashion) but here is a photo before the dunking.

I think this might be my first handspun sweater.


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