weekend play by play, part I


Before picture of the way back of the subaru. Notice Schacht Matchless and Ashford Traveller (lying down).

We have arrived.

Ready to sell a spinning wheel…and I do have a waist, I promise.

Auction Tent:

(the wheel at the far right ended up being my new baby!)

Pretty treadle on the Canadian Production Wheel that went for $250- a STEAL. I would have bid for that if the person who wanted is really badly wasn’t standing next to me! Can’t handle awkward bidding wars…I dont even bid on ebay, I’m surprised I did an auction.

Flax wheel

Cool signature


Actual auction photo:

That’s my wheel being sold for $275! I was rich for about forty minutes!

And then, I bought this…

It spun beautifully from minute 1. Double drive, drive band slipped off a few times, but now it’s behaving.

Cute little bobbin (I have an order in for four more from a raveller whos husband makes them).

My parents. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Bronxie Wonxie, the dog I got at JMU when a guy was done using him to pick up women.

After picture: wheels strapped in with Gansey’s leash and a carabiner.

I’m such a crafty girl.

More photos to come…


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